This is a blog about a 22 year old University student and their journey to becoming a published author. They want people to not be afraid to voice their opinions, no matter how absurd these opinions may seem in your head. Everyone is a freak and they encourage everyone to embrace their inner freak. GET YOUR FREAK ON!

A snippet from the introduction

“Interpret this book how you want. You can either think I’m a freak for writing all of this down. Or, you can take some of my advice and do something with it. Write your own novel, become that artist you’ve always wanted to be. Just be you. “


The blogging world.

It’s so big and wonderful, however it’s taking me a while to get used to it. I initially started a blog on the “blogger” webpage, i didn’t like the atmosphere I guess I should call it there. Too many blogs about people writing about their children, I’m not discouraging them from doing so, or saying no one should do it. I just personally feel that those who will read my blog will be people looking for advice, adventure, fun or a new viewpoint on different topics in life. Through my own pessimism, I don’t believe I can change the viewpoints of my older members of society. I feel people have been conditioned to essentially take every aspect of human life at face-value. We’ve been moulded to what society needs, instead of what we, as individuals, want. Hopefully this will break the cycle.  I accept criticism, as I believe it is a natural component to us striving to be our best. However, I will not accept people who do not respect my opinion, or the opinions of others who comment here. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone is entitled to have their opinions heard. With that comes responsibility to listen to what others have to say for themselves. Who knows, you may learn something you never would have before.


Secondly, I’m going to post passaged of the book I am currently writing. They will be about a paragraph in length and will give you small insight to what the entire book will be about. Some posts you’ll find humorous, others sad, some might make you angry and others you may disagree with completely. However, the nature of the book and this blog is for people to experience things they never have before. Whether it be because you are too scared to step out of that box society has shoved you in, or you just believe these viewpoints to be completely absurd. I hope you enjoy this journey and I look forward to growing with everyone from this experience!


I’m also going to set up an e-mail account for people to e-mail their experiences to me. Hopefully I can collaborate with others on this project. 🙂

What will be posted here

Thought I should let everyone know what material will be posted here. Different situations I find myself in and what I’ve learned from it. Any responses to questions from readers and most importantly, passages from the book I am currently writing.

I will honestly try update this almost every day as to not keep you hanging, there may be a few days where I don’t simply because my work schedule wont allow me on my computer very often.

Thanks everyone!

I leave you with this, just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, never judge a person on what they look like. They may be battling a war your brain could never comprehend. BE KIND TO EACH OTHER.

And so it begins…

For a large part of my teenage/early adolescence and young adult-hood, I’ve dreamed of becoming an author. Whether it was for creating an entirely new world on  a stack of pages bound together by hot wax and cardboard covers, or becoming an investigative journalist and uncovering some huge scandal in the Governments of the world. Whatever it would be about, I was going to write about it and become known.

As, I’ve grown up over the years, I’ve lost that initial “i want to be famous for being famous” bug that I’m fairly certain every teenager has and have now moved on to the, “i want to be an inspirational figure to someone having a bad day, or a teenager who doesn’t know what to do in life.”  This shift in life-goals has led me to this book.

I can’t entirely tell you what it will be about, but it is going to be harsh. I will write things that your eyes have never been conditioned for you to see, things that will seem so obscure you’ll call me crazy and things that you can relate to. Whether it be your distaste for liars, how to dump someone and recover from it quickley, or how to balance a night out with friends, a large amount of tequila shots and an exam worth 45% of your grade the next morning.  Whatever I help you with, know that I’ve gone through that same situation and lived to tell the tale (and advice on how to survive it a little easier than I did).

I’m up for anyone e-mailing me with experiences they’ve had, or advice that they need. I don’t mind at all!