Apologies first, explanations later…

by see the world in bright bold colours

Hello all,

I’ve realized it’s been quite a long time since my last post…sorry!! I don’t even really have an explanation. I’ve been fairly busy with work, enjoying the summer and lounging. (in reality, this is not an excuse at all)

I swear I’ll post more often here, for all you lovely people.


I am happy, however, to see that I’m still getting traffic to my blog, even without regular updates! This makes me excited.

Unfortunately I cannot post a new part of my book on here today, as I’m on a different computer that I don’t use for writing my book. I will post a new excerpt in the next few days.


I have several different chapters lined up. Some dealing with love and relationships (good and bad), to inspirational people I’m lucky enough to know.

I have a question for all of my subscribers/followers,

Does anyone know how or what steps are involved to having your work published??? ANY help would be MUCH appreciated!