The blogging world.

by see the world in bright bold colours

It’s so big and wonderful, however it’s taking me a while to get used to it. I initially started a blog on the “blogger” webpage, i didn’t like the atmosphere I guess I should call it there. Too many blogs about people writing about their children, I’m not discouraging them from doing so, or saying no one should do it. I just personally feel that those who will read my blog will be people looking for advice, adventure, fun or a new viewpoint on different topics in life. Through my own pessimism, I don’t believe I can change the viewpoints of my older members of society. I feel people have been conditioned to essentially take every aspect of human life at face-value. We’ve been moulded to what society needs, instead of what we, as individuals, want. Hopefully this will break the cycle.  I accept criticism, as I believe it is a natural component to us striving to be our best. However, I will not accept people who do not respect my opinion, or the opinions of others who comment here. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone is entitled to have their opinions heard. With that comes responsibility to listen to what others have to say for themselves. Who knows, you may learn something you never would have before.


Secondly, I’m going to post passaged of the book I am currently writing. They will be about a paragraph in length and will give you small insight to what the entire book will be about. Some posts you’ll find humorous, others sad, some might make you angry and others you may disagree with completely. However, the nature of the book and this blog is for people to experience things they never have before. Whether it be because you are too scared to step out of that box society has shoved you in, or you just believe these viewpoints to be completely absurd. I hope you enjoy this journey and I look forward to growing with everyone from this experience!


I’m also going to set up an e-mail account for people to e-mail their experiences to me. Hopefully I can collaborate with others on this project. 🙂