This is a blog about a 22 year old University student and their journey to becoming a published author. They want people to not be afraid to voice their opinions, no matter how absurd these opinions may seem in your head. Everyone is a freak and they encourage everyone to embrace their inner freak. GET YOUR FREAK ON!

Another apology.

Sorry everyone. My last post may or may not have been posted under the influence of a certain alcoholic beverage. Lots and lots of spelling mistakes and incoherent thoughts. I’ll make sure to give it a good edit before posting here. How embarrassing.


Another little snippet for all of you :) Enjoy!

“You will meet some of the biggest assholes in your life, they will break you heart, lie to you, cheat on you with your whore of a best friend, and more importantly, keep your relationship a secret from the world. This could be because of a few reasons, none of which are you fault. They are embarrassed to be with you, or they’re dating 3 other people on the side. Don’t worry, it’s all happened to me. As lame as this is going to sound, I’m going to say it anyways and heck, if it makes one human being on this planet that just-so-happened to stumble across this revelation of a book pick their chins up and walk with dignity. My job is done.”

Apologies first, explanations later…

Hello all,

I’ve realized it’s been quite a long time since my last post…sorry!! I don’t even really have an explanation. I’ve been fairly busy with work, enjoying the summer and lounging. (in reality, this is not an excuse at all)

I swear I’ll post more often here, for all you lovely people.


I am happy, however, to see that I’m still getting traffic to my blog, even without regular updates! This makes me excited.

Unfortunately I cannot post a new part of my book on here today, as I’m on a different computer that I don’t use for writing my book. I will post a new excerpt in the next few days.


I have several different chapters lined up. Some dealing with love and relationships (good and bad), to inspirational people I’m lucky enough to know.

I have a question for all of my subscribers/followers,

Does anyone know how or what steps are involved to having your work published??? ANY help would be MUCH appreciated!


Here is the e-mail you can reach me at!


If you want to discuss something, relate to a story I post or want to collborate, drop me a line!

The first 24 hours

Have been better than I expected them to be! Comment, subscribers, traffic to my blog! I thought this would have taken me weeks to achieve.  I’ll continue writing and take small samples to post on here. I appreciate the comments, keep them coming!

Today on my list of things to do is set up an e-mail address specifically for this blog. I’ll post it here later. I’m also thinking of starting some sort of message board for people to discuss various topics on here!

Later Gators!

Because all you lovely people are coming to my blog,

I’m going to post another snippet from my book! Read and comment 🙂

“We have politicians and so-called scholars telling us how important it is to be educated in this day and age, well I’m here to break the news to you kids. Don’t go. Save the $30,000.00 debt you will receive for a measly piece of paper and go into the trades. Start your own company. Write a book. Make a short film and have it play at your local theatre. Do not step one foot into this bureaucratic institution known as Post-Secondary”

Maybe someone can help me out?

How do I know if I’ve got any subscribers to my blog? (This is such a rookie question, I know. Forgive me)